Believe in Jesus
Make a decision to follow Jesus

The first step to following Jesus is to make the decision to give your life to him. This can be done by saying a simple prayer. Never prayed before? Just keep it simple and honest. Ask God to forgive you of your sins and lead you into new life.

The Bible tells us that if you believe in Jesus that you have been made brand new! But don't go at it alone, share the good news with one of our pastors. They would love to support you on your new faith journey!

Talk to a Pastor
Be Baptized
Make your decision to follow Jesus public

If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, the next step is to be baptized! Batism is a symbolic declaration of your faith in Jesus. Learn more about getting baptized by talking to a pastor.

Talk to a Pastor
Practice Spiritual Rhythms
A five week course designed to help you follow Jesus everyday

Spiritual Rythms is a series of sessions designed for people who want to follow the Way of Jesus. It is for people who are bored of what the world has to offer and fed up on religion. Come and experience the new life Jesus promised.

Next Course: Spring 2023

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