Restricted Access Missionary

Restricted Access Nations (RAN) are nations along the 10-40 window that are virtually unreached with the gospel. 

For the safety and well being of our mission partners in Restricted Access Nations, we cannot post photos or personal information. 


The RAN Network exists to glorify God by mobilizing, preparing and deploying effective disciple makers to serve among the peoples of the world that are known to be UnReached and even UnEngaged with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There still remains close to 7000 People Groups in our world with less than 2% Evangelical Christian. Almost 3000 of these groups have no known Christian witness seeking to make disciples. They live in the deepest and darkest condition of lostness.

Along with many other agencies, RAN is a global participant providing access to places where the church of Jesus does not yet exist. RAN’s purpose is to make Spirit-filled disciples and plant multiplying fellowships of indigenous believers, particularly where a non-missionary identity and pioneer approaches/creative strategies are required.

As the RAN Network we desire to build meaningful ministry partnerships with churches, Christian businesses, daring mavericks, entrepreneurs and other individual disciples of Christ who desire to actively participate in bringing transformational change to the peoples of our world with the least opportunity to hear of Christ. We invite you to embrace the opportunity to partner with us in God’s business of transformation among the UnReached.

Find out more about RAN Network on their website.