University Christian Ministry (UCM) is an interdenominational Christian student club at VIU. We strive to assist students in their desire to  know Jesus and apply his teachings to their lives.

Christianity is about life -- real living in a real world. A lot of people like to say that university life isn't the real world, but that just isn't so.

Our time in university is simply a different world from the one in the work force. We're faced with a lot of simultaneous pressures -- paper and lab deadlines, a new home with new roommates, new questions and new doubts -- that make life at university challenging. It is precisely our life at university that Christianity deals with, not just the life beyond. And that is why UCM is here.

We're a community made up of students who are constantly on the  move. Our core groups meet weekly in dorm rooms and lounges all across campus.  On Thursday nights we gather as a tribe, often for a time of worship and  teaching. Other times it might be a social event or banquet dinner. Prayer groups are happening in many different faculties and students are gathering together to both serve this community as  well as the campus in a variety of ways.

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