Darcy and Leanne McAlister are stepping into a new chapter with International
Mission. After 12 years of serving from the Canadian side they are now serving overseas as well.
Darcy and Leanne are two high capacity leaders working together on two separate ministries
with one theme. The theme is healthy and fruitful leaders engaged in God’s mission!

The two ministries are:

1) Asian Leadership: Darcy serves as the Field Director for their country in Asia and from there
they will work with national leaders within their country and within the region. Many of these
leaders serve in restricted access nations and they are asking for help with leadership issues,
marriage and family in connection with ministry, mentoring etc.! Within the country they will
network with schools, universities, churches and their leaders through the PAOC’s charity.

2) ZOE Network: Canadians Engaging in God’s Mission. Leanne leads ZOE Network which is a
national and international ministry. ZOE connects Canadians with the work we (PAOC) do
with women overseas in the areas of education, human & sex trafficking, economic
empowerment, and health. ZOE also has excellent material to disciple and empower women
and men to step into who God has made them to be and connect them to God’s mission for the

They will work overseas for half of the year in three month blocks as recommended by their
leadership. They are experienced pastors and leaders. Darcy and Leanne both have their MA in Leadership and will be certified coaches by the end of 2020. Darcy is also a certified Birkman

Darcy and Leanne love teaching and ministering together across Canada and around the world.
In Canada they base in Abbotsford. They have three married children (Nicholas, Robyn, and
Ben) and the whole family is engaged in ministry.  Feel free to contact them via email –
[email protected] and [email protected]

Key Prayer Points
1. Wisdom to know what to do and how to do it! The needs are everywhere and as we
begin we need to know where to begin.
2. Protection and safety. The area they serve in is under significant stress with surges of
violence, protests, and turmoil.
3. Enough resources to do the job they are called to do well.
4. The empowerment on a daily basis by Jesus and Holy Spirit to do their work well!